The Friday Round-up

Did you know Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are dating IN REAL LIFE? Well they are and they also star in ‘X-Men: First Class’ and here’s a one-on-one scene with the duo.

And hey – because we heart Jennifer Lawrence here’s an interview with her talking about her role in the sci-fi series.

Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet have had a son! He’s called Marcel and we bet he’ll be ridiculously good looking and talented. Gah!

Ryan Gosling in Cannes. Forgot to change his PJ shirt. Jeez.

Bradley Cooper on Conan O’Brien! What’s he talking about? Oh you know, texting Robert De Niro, Cannes being like Atlantic City, ‘The Hangover II’ and catching a ping pong ball fired out of a lady’s vagina. Yeah really.

And speaking of ‘The Hangover’ here’s Kirsten Bell at the LA premiere. Nicely played.

BTW – in case you missed the furor with Lars Von Trier at the ‘Melancholia’ press conference at Cannes here’s his Nazi/Hitler gaffe of epic proportions. Kirsten Dunst is sitting next to him, her expression says it all.

He was promptly banned from Cannes. Here’s what he had to say in his defense.

We still CAN’T WAIT to see ‘Melancholia’ though, and that dress Kiki wore at the press conference was divine!

Classic horror flick ‘Carrie’ is to get a remake. No. Just, no.

The gorgeous Blake Lively is currently the front-runner for Oliver Stone’s ‘Savages’, a film about “two Laguna Beach marijuana kingpins forced to work for a Mexican drug cartel after Ophelia, the free-spirited girlfriend they share, is kidnapped.”

It is possible she might have to choose between this role and that of Glinda the Good Witch in the Oz remake.

And while we’re on the topic of remakes. Romeo and Juliet is apparently in talks set to star Hailee Steinfeld. But how could it possibly beat Baz Luhrmman’s adaptation?

James Franco, Dev Patel, Lili Taylor and Heather Graham set for porn drama ‘Cherry’!?

Have a great weekend!

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